Frequently Asked Questions

How does Address Change Portal help me?
- We help you be saving time on having to change your address all the different services you use. Along with changing all of your addresses we give you access to a user-friendly dashboard where you can see the status of all of you addresses that have been updated. Changing your address with the USPS is included at no charge with this service. We include free address change updates for a year too with this service.

Can I do this myself?
- Yes, you can, just like you can cut your own grass or file your own taxes. This service is meant to help you save time and keep track of all of the places you need to change your address.

How do you actually change my address?
- We will reach out to the companies you provide and let them know you want your address changes and give them all the information.

How do I know when my address change has been complete?
- There is a very easy to use dashboard that is updated with the status of your address change for the different companies you provided.

What is your refund policy?
- We have a 30 days no question asked refunds policy if you are not happy with this service.

Does this also include the USPS?
- Yes, we include changing your address with the USPS at no additional cost if you use this service to change all of your other addresses and get access to our dashboards to see what services your addresses have been changed with.

What does this service cost?
- We charge a small fee to change all of your addresses. The actual amount will vary and you can select the best pricing option in the checkout. As a part of our service, all paying customers receive a free change of address with the USPS. We also will allow for multiple people to be included with the change as long as they are on the same address.

Why does this service cost money?
- We have a team of talented individuals that will help you and contact all of your companies / services and let them know you are changing your address. Some of these companies will need you to verify this address change is correct.